Approved Training Organisation

About Aegean ATO

Aegean ATO is a Approved Training Organisation approved by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) to provide theoretical and type rating training on the Airbus A320 series aircraft and fully complies with EASA regulations.
Aegean ATO is operated as a separate unit within Aegean Organisation, while its Instructor team consists of highly experienced active Aegean pilots on the A320 fleet. The primary task of this ATO is to meet the needs of Aegean, as well as to provide training services to third parties.

A320 Type Rating

Aegean ATO provides theoretical, simulator and aircraft training for A320 series aircraft and it is offering the following courses:
  • A320 Type Rating Course
  • A320 Type Rating Revalidation and Renewal
The A320 Type Rating Course is designed to enable the student to operate safely in accordance with Airbus / Aegean Standard Operating Procedures and to qualify for the issue of a type rating.

The Theoretical training part of the course takes place in Aegean ATO main facilities in Building 57 of Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, while the simulator training part is conducted mainly in Germany by Aegean ATO Instructors/Examiners.

A320 Type Rating Phases and Duration

The Course has a duration of about 10 calendar weeks and is structured as shown below:
  • Systems/Theory Training under the supervision and guidance of a Theoretical Knowledge Instructor
  • Aircraft Performance (Less Paper Cockpit concept)
  • Cockpit Drills (Simulator Preparation in Aegean aircraft Cockpit)
  • A320 Procedural Trainer (Preparation in procedures using static simulator)
  • Full Flight Simulator
Base Training (Aircraft Landing Training)

A320 Type Rating Course Dates

Currently, the following course dates are available:
  • Course 09-2015 | This course is no longer available
  • Course 10-2015 | 19-10-2015 until approximately 08-01-2016*
  • Course 11-2015 | 23-11-2015 until approximately 12-02-2016*
  • Course 12-2016 | 04-01-2016 until approximately 18-03-2016*
*Depending on Simulator availability

A320 Type Rating Course Trainee Prerequisites

The prerequisites listed below are the minimum legislation requirements:
  • At least 70 hours as pilot in command of aeroplanes
  • Valid multi-engine IR(A) rating
  • Valid CPL(A) with ATPL(A) theory completed or a valid ATPL(A)
  • Certificate of satisfactory completion of an MCC course
  • Fluent in English and have an English level 4 according to ICAO requirements

A320 Type Rating Course Application Form

In order to apply for an A320 Type Rating course, please download and complete the Application form below and email it together with a one-page CV (including passport-type photo) to:

Contact Information

For any additional information, please contact:
Telephone: +30 210 3550794
Fax: +30 210 3550180
Address:  Aegean ATO, Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, Building 57, 19019 Spata – Artemida, Attica, Greece